This is the basic standard carbon fiber weave. It is the most popular weave with most OEM companies. This versatile fabric finish is ideal for a wide range of applications.

This is the 3KPW, one of our popular standard finishes. You can expect this sheen for your special project.

       We supply carbon fiber panels for your drone, RC car projects at a price you can afford. We have supplied most of the available manufacturers with carbon fiber panels. The quality is the same or even better than the original equipment manufacturers. We make materials for 3-dimensional grinding used for knife handles and gun handles. We specialize in the use of 1KPW which is 1 mm squares or 3KPW which is 2 mm squares. Sizes for most of our stock is 18" x 24" of usable area. Typically we ship our carbon fiber panels untrimmed in an over sized state.

Iridium is an original idea we developed which casts a rainbow across the whole panel. It works very well and machines cleanly. This unique finish gives the appearance of a star galaxy, which is very popular with our customers.