We have specialty materials not typically available.

New products & innovations such as this is a rubber mat, which is fully flexible like a car floor mat. This can be cut out by a water jet or used on high end automobiles.

We have been making radio control car chassis for over 30 years. Most of these were reproduced at least 20 times per each template.

Got Questions?

Most questions should be answered here, but if not Email us your questions.

Q. Is your material the same as my drone uses?

A. Yes,a lot better.
 It doesn't just look good.Better strength and durability.

Q. How far can you ship materials?
A. We ship anywhere in the world.

Q. How long will it take to complete an order and have the panels shipped out?
A. Orders are shipped immediately. If not in stock, orders will ship within a week, depending on the order size.

Q. How good is the quality of our Carbon fiber panel material?
A. Our Carbon fiber panel material is made with care and years of experience in the field of composites. We assemble the Carbon fiber materials available to us at the time of manufacture. As long as the materials are laid up and cured correctly there should be no issues.

Q. How are the carbon fiber panels shipped to me?
A. In a shipping envelope for smaller 9" x 12" sizes. Boxes are used with a strong band cinched tight for non slip of the Carbon fiber panels.
Depending on the needs the panels in the larger boxes are usually untrimmed unless the customer requires trimming.

Q. What methods of payment do you take?
A. Cash, cashiers check, money orders and PayPal.

Q. What size carbon fiber panels do you produce?
A. For production sizes we make 18" x 24" glossy and can go up to 28.5" x 24.5" semi gloss in uni directional for the finish.
    The carbon fiber panels can be cut down per the customers request.

Q. What thicknesses can you make for the carbon fiber panels?
A. We are able to produce as thick as needed.1"-2" 

Q. Do you make any other products or types of carbon fiber panels?
A. We make carbon fiber panels with fabrics like 3KPW, 1KPW for carbon fiber panels

Q. What can you use our materials for?
A. Any need for light weight and/or high strength Like RC drone manufacturing materials RC car parts. High temp applications.

Q. How do our prices compare to our competitors?
A. Our prices are lower than most companies. Our prices can be as much as 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of many suppliers.