Price are while the supplies last.

18" x 24" net size is standard size.

 The panels have extra material when not trimmed.

3kpw weave                             

Limited stock end of run:

Set up board 6 mm x 18" x 24" 1kpw glossy very flat solid

100% carbon fiber is big enough for two smaller sized boards. Dimensionally stable, flat to .0015 per square foot. $208.08 each

Larger special size panels:

4 mm 3kpw sized weave.  $149.95    normally $164.62 OEM Price 18" x 27.5" (Long)

Clearance over run:

.084" 2.25 mm 3kpw weave

 $69.97    normally $90.65 OEM Price    18" x 24" 

Clearance over run:

2.50 mm  3kpw sized weave. $78.34    normally $97.92

OEM Price     18" x 24"

Limited stock end of run:

HPI 18" x 24"x .075"  quasi uni-Iridium semi gloss. for $124.98

Trim able sheet stock:

 .2 mm 3kpw sized weave. (.0075")x 18.5" x 29" This

is thin and can be scissor cut. $59.95 - 3kpw sized weave.         


These will be updated soon and more frequently!

These are made to another customers specs. or off spec. Buy them while they are available.


We make.1 mm through 4 mm 3kpw surface and thicker thicknesses on request a quasi uni core panels we make any thickness you want

Also 1kpw available.pricing. Nobody else has this material on the surface! Aerospace grade.

Zero in 24" length on these! These prices are for the over run and off spec panels.

These are not always available.Subject to that inventory only.

 Regular stock is available with no irregularities

They will cost more.

If you want something special, email your need and we will see if we can help you.

Repair your broken drone parts for less.

 Customize your drone or make a new drone. 

We have machining contacts for you if you don't like cutting carbon fiber , or know how!

​Below is some marbled carbon /Black pearl we make for Knife handles. Also, solid woven handle materials not shown.

 Call for price quotes.

      New Material Pricing     

          Production panel pricing :

OEM  10 panels and up pricing.

            Below 10/ - 1-9 panel prices are  listed here.

             3kpw sized  weave 18" x 24" 100% carbon fiber epoxy.

            Quasi isotropic construction.

    10 - UP                   1 - 9 panels

1 mm       $58.08                   1 mm        $87.12

1.5 mm $75.05                   1.5 mm    $112.58

2 mm      $83.32                    2 mm      $124.98

2.5 mm $97.92                  2.5 mm   $146.88

3 mm      $111.98                  3 mm       $167.97

3.5 mm$135.14                  3.5 mm $202.71

4 mm      $146.33                 4 mm       $219.50

The prices above are 18" x 24" sizes quasi isotropic 0-24'

OEM prices.

 For 1 - 9 volume cost is 1.5 x listed price.

Manufacturers buying  volume can get a volume discount off these prices.

1kpw is about 12% more price wise.