Two Associated 1/10 scale LTO customized chassis made with wood core and show the special DA battery slots.

These were for the 1/12 scale Associated 12-L

These were made from unidirectional quasi isotropic material. They also had the DA battery slots, from that time period.

We specialize in flat stock and bent panels.

These are  2 - 1/10 scale and one 1/12 scale chassis that we customized and improved  for the customers.

Our Products

In 1983 carbon fiber was used in very specialized aerospace applications.  In the early years of DA Graphite, we made materials for the RC cars of that time. We made custom chassis to order. We have been supplying the OEM market with the carbon fiber materials used to make their kits that you see today.
      If you think all carbon fiber is the same, It’s not. There are many construction techniques such as press cure, autoclave, oven, resin transfer molding and wet layup at room temperature. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages for processing carbon fiber. We use pre-impregnated carbon fiber with a thermoset epoxy; this type of material is needed for the press and autoclave method. Resin types also affect how well the carbon fiber panels cut.
    We welcome new customers as well as our valued customers who have worked with us over the years. At DA Graphite we look forward to meeting your expectations. 

 If you manufacture drones or broke your drone,you may want to customize your own, this is the material to use. Better than the stock materials from China by far.
If you want to make a custom RC car chassis or components,this is the material to use. 
Block engine heat by insulating with our carbon fiber material.


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